Automobile Market For Boomerang Cars


The concept of the boomerang car was developed in 1971 by an Italian Gentleman by the name Georgetto Giugiaro and showcased at the Turin show. This classic concept, which entailed strong geometrical shapes, resulted in a car that has sharp angles and a wedge shape. The first fully functional prototype car was made in 1972 and displayed at the Geneva Auto show. This prototype was later sold to a private Spanish cabaret owner who kept it in store for many years before it was sold to Christies, the renowned Art dealers, who later auctioned it to another private owner.

The Maserati boomerang idea, lead to the designer using the concept in many other models that have been mass produced and are used up-to-date. These include but are not limited to, the Alfa Romeo GT, The Volkswagen Golf, The Volkswagen Passat and the Lotus Espirit S1. This essentially makes it the most idea car with the combinations of the best models in the market. It would also be best for rent on short or long-term basis. These cars and many more have enabled the designer to be named the Car Designer of the Century in 1999 and thereafter was inducted into the Volkswagen automotive Hall of Fame in 2002.

The first prototype was made for safety in terms of the dash board arrangement and the steering wheel being part of a single console emerging from the dashboard and having it rotate around stationary gauges. But as time went on, the concept has been changed to suit the current regulations regarding vehicle manufacturing. Although the original had sharp angles and an arrow look, in terms of aerodynamic virtuosity, it was on the low side. But the current ones, for example the Volkswagen Passat, have much higher aerodynamic virtuosity.

For admirers of the original and only prototype of the Maserati Boomerang, they can get their hands on one of the many concepts cars that spanned off from the prototype. New Image Auto Glass in Scottsdale has a car used for promotional purposes and often display it at car shows like Barrett Jackson to attract customers. These vehicles are sold by various dealers around the world. However, the best thing to take into consideration is personal preference. Based on the specifications of the car, this is more ideal for buyers who are sensitive about safety and speed. The concept may have been born in Italy but mass production has lead it to be exported to various countries around the globe making far easier for the people to be able to acquire it through various car dealers.